Merry Christmas

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After a very big day, I have finally consoled myself enough to write my last class post for this year.

I am very grateful to have had such a wonderful class with beautiful families. I have enjoyed every minute of 2014! Preps, as I mentioned today in our final reflection, before I dismissed you for the very last time, I am so proud of each and every one of you. You have learnt so much and have taught me a lot throughout this year. But most of all, you have managed to make me smile everyday, no matter how bad my day seemed at the time, one of you would say or do something to cheer me up (often without realising it). Thank you! I will certainly miss you all next year but I know you will enjoy Year 1 with all the adventures and challenges ahead of you. Please feel free to visit me in Room 1 or find me on Yard Duty 🙂

Parents, thank you for all of your support, kind words and little chats throughout this year. You are amazing parents and you should be proud of your children, their potential is incredible. I can see a few mini teachers, doctors, artists, designers, singers and elite sports people and I look forward to watching them grow. Teaching is an extremely rewarding career in itself but I do thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your generous gifts. (I apologise that I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you all in person today but I endeavour to find you next year!) After finally getting home this evening, I sat down and properly read each of your cards. Your kind words were so heart-warming and let’s just say, I went through quite a few tissues! I would like to let you all know that this is one year I will never forget, because I had the pleasure of working with the most amazingly wonderful people.

Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and safe holidays. See you in 2015!

Highest Attendance

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Congratulations to these dedicated students! Salini has been at school every day (except one) this semester. Spencer was at school every day last semester and followed up his record this semester with only 1 day off for the entire year!

Let’s hope we all can continue this dedication next year 🙂

The 24 Animals of Christmas

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Christmas Day is coming around very quickly and we are all very excited. As part of our “Cultures” Inquiry Unit we are getting right into the Spirit of Christmas! Our classroom has been rearranged, we are learning about Christmas stories and their different versions and we have found that we can use our learned reading and writing strategies to complete our festive activities.

Last week we read the “12 Cats of Christmas” by Kevin Whitlark. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to write our own version using our alliteration skills. We hope you enjoy our story. Can you think of more alliteration examples?

The 24 Animals Of Christmas Class Book on PhotoPeach

Flags of the World

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Did you know that every country has its own flag? And that each flag uses special colours and symbols that are special to its country?

Watch the video and see if you can work out why particular colours / symbols are used. Do they appear on more than one flag? Which is your favourite flag and why?


Kyra’s Project

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Kyra has enjoyed our Cultures unit so much this term that she decided to write a poem about Christmas. Kyra was kind enough to read her rhyming poem to the class, which sparked a great discussion about “Does everyone celebrate Christmas?”

If you would like to make your own poem or story about cultures and their celebrations, please do. Put your thinking hats on, bring your projects to school and you can share them with the class. I look forward to seeing what you can come up with 🙂  YAY! 🙂

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Aboriginal Cultural Incursion

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For many days, we have been extremely excited about our Aboriginal Cultural Incursion… the visit finally came on Wednesday! We met Big Al, Azza and Pancakes and they taught us all about their special culture. Throughout the day we had our faces painted, learnt Aboriginal dances (and some of us performed at the end of the day to the music of the didgeridoo), we saw Azza dressed in his traditional costume (he performed the goanna dance which was scary, funny and exciting), we heard a dream-time story from Big Al about Puku the echidna (“How the echidna go its spikes”) and finally Pancakes taught us how to draw special Aboriginal symbols as a way of telling a story. Everyone had a fun-filled day and is eager to learn more about the Aboriginal culture.

Please enjoy our video of photos from the day. Do you have a fact about Aboriginal culture?


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Alliteration Character Names

Alliteration is when words that start with the same sound are put together to make powerful writing.

We learnt about turning our names into alliterations:

Australian Abbey

Basketballer Ben

Choo Choo Charlie

Cool Chloe

Ella Evans

Isabella’s Itchy Indians

Jelly Jaxon

Jellyfish Jamieson

Lolly Lachlan

Maleesa Muffin

Megan the Meat-eater

Mikayla Max Monkey

Raaar Ryley

Summer Salini

Super Spencer

Taco Tyson

Toy Taelynn

William War

William Willie

Zak the Zebra

Zip Zoe

Can you think of more alliterations?


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Today is Remembrance Day. It is very interesting learning about our culture’s history. Lest We Forget.

We have also been learning about how similes can make our writing more powerful. Here are some of our wonderful ideas from today:

As sad as a war. – Jaxon

As sad as a person dying. -Mikayla

As red as a poppy. -Chloe

As fast as getting to WWII. – Kyra

As dirty as a soldier. – Tyson

As shiny as a medal. – Zak

As big as a soldier. – Ryley

As fast as a flash. – Spencer

As red as some poppies. – Abbey

As dirty as mud. – Taelynn

As shiny as a piece of glass. – Salini

As dirty as a soldier. -Maleesa

As red as a pencil. – Benjamin

As red as a rose. – Jamieson

As shiny as a badge. – Charlie

As loud as a gun. – Ella

As dirty as a cupboard. -William M

As brave as a man.- Megan

As shiny as a bugle. – Isabella

As beautiful as the ladies that helped. – Zoe